Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Father's Day Project

I thought that the Super Kids dolls by Creative Kismet were so cute that I had to make them for my husband for Father's Day.

Now, I have to admit that I really suck at sewing by hand and don't own a sewing machine.  So I decided to do the next best thing - fabric glue!  I made things a bit difficult for myself by trying to make it box like and attempting to do it in a very short time, which ended up making them wonky.  But who cares?!  The kids loved working on it, my husband loved it, and one more project I've been wanting to do is finally checked off!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

These are awesome. I think the slightly wonky nature of them gives them more personality.

Did you print the images on fabric?

Vee said...

Thank you, Julie!

I printed them on ink-jet transfer paper and then ironed them on to the fabric. The fabric was just a white t-shirt that I had cut up.