Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Index-Card-A-Day {ICAD} #12 - 16

More index cards for you!  I know that for the challenge it is supposed to be every day with one day off a week.  I also know that if I take advantage of that one day off, I will slack off and maybe take an extra day or two off.  So seven days a week for me!

As usual, in each picture the top is mine, bottom-left is my daughter's (6), bottom-right is my son's (8).

Day 12 (Mon. - June 13)

Day 13 (Tues. - June 14)

Day 14 (Wed. - June 15)

Day 15 (Thur. - June 16)

Day 16 (Fri. - June 17)

More index cards to come!

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