Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pen Pal Art Swap

I recently took part in a the Small Art Pen Pal Swap that was hosted by Kira Harding (Journal Girl).  I was to make one small piece of art and write a letter to a person that I was assigned to.  My pen pal should have received it last week, so I thought that now would be a good time to share what I ended up making.

I ended up first making the picture above, but I was on such a roll after Peace, Love, and Joy that I ended up making the one below as well.

Peace, Love, and Joy were all outlined with black colored pencil.  For Enjoy Life I decided that I wanted to try using black watercolor and a small brush instead for the outline.  That one small change seemed to unify the picture a lot more than the colored pencil did. 

I wanted to play around some more and see what an outline using micron pens would look like, which led to the Sara painting.  Unfortunately I completely killed two perfectly good micron pens in making it.  Whenever I use microns or pitt pens on top of watercolors, it seems to quickly kill off the pens.  I really need to find a similar fine line pen that won't do that.  Or maybe it's time to go back to my quill pens and bottled inks.  To bring the name out more, I also took a watercolor pencil about the same shade as the blue background and darkened around the name.

I hope that Sara enjoyed her small piece of art and much as I enjoyed making it!


Shannan - Original Bliss said...

Awesome.... and I love the idea of the swap too. Good for you for participating and being so thoughtful with it.

Sarah C. said...


Vee said...

Thank you, Sarah and Shannan!

Linda said...

Beautiful work Verna! I especially liked Love and Joy, great color choice for Joy. Good luck finding a pen that won't die on you so quickly.

Vee said...

Thanks, Linda!