Monday, September 20, 2010

TBP: Drawing Lab, Part 6

I'm up to unit 5 of Drawing Lab for the Book Project.  This one seemed to emphasize process over end product.  I wasn't happy with most of the outcomes in this unit, but had a really good time getting there.

Here are a few of the outcomes:

Check back weekly for my latest update on the Book Project.  Thanks for looking!

25/52 (48%) projects from Drawing Lab completed.


Sandy Coleman said...


I really like these. The colors are great. The elephant really makes me smile. Keep up the great work.

Vee said...

Thanks so much, Sandy!

Jul said...

I love the purple cow standing on her nose! Such a fun image.

Vee said...

Thanks Jul! LOL I didn't even realize that's what it looks like (standing on it's nose), but now that's all I can see!