Friday, August 6, 2010

The Friday Five

Friday Five is a monthly list of five sites that inspire me. It can range of anything and everything - maybe some art, papercrafting, or photography. I hope that they can inspire you as well.
  1. Pika Land - An upbeat blog showcasing artists and illustrators.

  2. Drawn Today - This is actually a group of people that met at IMC (Illustration Master Class) that wanted to be held responsible for drawing everyday. They post their drawings every day and have a podcast as well.

  3. Escape Into Life - A combination of all art forms, there is more than likely something you may like. Poetry, essays, videos, paintings, drawings, photography, & collages - introducing people to a variety of work.

  4. Torta Gialla - Linda Tieu is a paper crafter, artist, and designer. I have no idea how she does it all, but I love seeing what she is up to. She has separate blogs for each subject but they are well worth the visit.

  5. Chris Piascik - Daily (M-F) drawings from a graphic designer/illustrator with a lot of focus on illustrative lettering.
Need more inspiration? Check out some other Friday Five picks.


linda said...

awee, thanks for mentioning me and my blog, I really appreciate it!

Vee said...

It was my pleasure, Linda. I love it when a blog sucks me in and holds my attention, yours does just that.