Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Have a Confession

the confession
I have too many artsy how-to books. How many have I actually worked through to the end? Probably less than a handful. I love to look through the books, absorb the pictures, read up on some of the techniques or advice and then eventually get tired of it and put the book away. I really suck at trying out what the books have to say, but I can't stop myself from buying them from time to time.

the dilemma
In an effort to cull my collection, many books were donated to my local library so that others can benefit from those books. Then there are those I wanted to keep or just couldn't bear to let go. Some things I want to learn and some I want to revisit. There is still an overwhelming bunch left and I feel that since I want to keep them, I really should work through them. I know that I tend to get tired of whatever project I'm working on and move on to the next. What's a girl to do?

the solution
I will be going through my books and picking three of them I would like to alternate working from. When one book is at least 3/4 complete, I will be picking the next one from my personal library. How often I work from each book is yet to be determined, but I will be sharing weekly what I have been up to.

Why 3/4 complete? I already know that many of the books have things I am absolutely not interested in trying. Forcing myself to do everything would drive me insane and make me hate this project. It's supposed to be fun and educational. So if I at least go through the majority of the book, that's good enough for me.

the hope
My hope is that I learn plenty, practice a lot, and am held accountable by presenting this to my online world. I also hope to gain some friends along the way and possibly some other participants that would also like to take up their own book challenge.

the details
I'm calling this "The Book Project" and will be starting it up on Monday, August 9th. My first post will introduce my first book choice and some work I've done from it. I'll just feel my way along from there, with an update every Monday.

Does anyone care to join me?

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