Friday, July 2, 2010

The Friday Five

Friday Five is a monthly list of five sites that inspire me. It can range of anything and everything - maybe some art, papercrafting, or photography. I hope that they can inspire you as well.

This month I'm focusing on comics that I enjoy reading on the web.
  1. Nemu-Nemu - This is my absolute favorite web comic. Their header says it all, "A cute webcomic about magical stuffed animal pups and their owners!" Need I say more?!

  2. Cleopatra in Spaaace! - An awesome sci-fi twist on what would happen if teen-aged Cleopatra was zapped away from her home to a place far, far away.

  3. What Things Do - A variety of comics, some old and some new by a variety of artists.

  4. Mythfits - A cute and um . . . interesting. . . little comic about a robot and unicorn in love and the characters around them.

  5. Stuff No One Told Me - I think the title says it all.
Need more inspiration? Check out some other Friday Five picks.


My Owl Barn said...

Thanks for making this wonderful list of great sites. I'm off to check them out!

Vee said...

Thanks for coming by, My Own Barn! Enjoy the links!