Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IF: Equipment

The other day I was listening to my son make a bunch of sound effects as if he was in the middle of a battle. He continued those sound effects for about twenty minutes. When the battle sounded like it was coming to a close, he got up, walked away, and came right back. The battle continued for ten more minutes. When it finally ended, only then was I allowed to see what he was doing.

Six drawings laid out on the floor with a mix and match of things he was battling and coming across. Scribbles were drawn over the bad guys as each one was defeated during his battle. Most were done with pencil. His last couple of pages were when he had grown bored and decided to grab some colored markers.

The interactive imagination of a child always amazes me. The only equipment my son needed was paper and a pencil before he went off into a fantastic world to defeat the bad guys.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

nice narrative. Boy noises are really something.

Vee said...

Thanks, KPW! Yes, they really are. :)