Friday, May 7, 2010

The Friday Five

Friday Five is a monthly list of five sites that inspire me. It can range of anything and everything - maybe some art, papercrafting, or photography. I hope that they can inspire you as well.
  1. Joseph's Art - I just recently found this blog and love his drawings! I spent a day recently just soaking in what he has to offer and I'm still not done.

  2. The Scribble Project - Scribbling fun! This is where a project is given with a template to scribble/draw whatever you want within the given shape. Then it is put together into one long piece with all the other submissions. Just some quick fun! I love seeing the outcomes.

  3. The One-Minute Writer - Who doesn't have one minute to write something down? This site has a daily prompt to get you writing for one minute - that's it, just one minute of your time. I'm loving the prompts that I've seen and it's so easy to get you warmed up and moving that writing hand.

  4. Crescendoh - Art Saves. An amazing site that shares the passions and interests of other artists. The part of the site that I love to visit the most are the Art Saves stories - how art gave each person meaning and an opportunity to move forward in life. A touching and inspirational site created by Jenny Doh.

  5. letterPLAYGROUND - This is a great site for letter lovers! You can view letters designed by various artists, add them as favorites, and even upload your own!
Need more inspiration? Check out some other Friday Five picks.

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