Friday, February 5, 2010

The Friday Five

Friday Five is a biweekly list of five sites that inspire me. It can range of anything and everything - maybe some art, papercrafting, or photography. I hope that they can inspire you as well.
  1. Journal Girl - I love seeing her growth, determination, ups and downs, and whatever she creates. She's very open to sharing and teaching the world what she has learned so far.

  2. Roz Wound Up - Roz has much insight to share about whatever is on her mind, especially if it is related to art, journaling, or anything else she is interested in.

  3. Make + Meaning - A new look into the world of making things and making it important.

  4. Escape from Illustration Island - A great resource about illustration and includes podcasts.

  5. The Crafty Crow - Everything about crafting with kids on one blog with a variety of round-ups for almost anything you may want to make with the kids.
Need more inspiration? Check out some other Friday Five picks.

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