Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching Up

There goes that time flying by again! Things have been crazy as I try to get into some kind of routine. The kids started school three weeks ago . . . and so did I! I'm so dizzy with excitement, I had to slow down to get my head straight and catch you up. So here are some things that I've been up to:


I've been drawing on and off for a while now. Though I have improved a little bit, I felt a needed a little bit more direction and input. So I signed up for my very first drawing class and got exactly what I needed - an enthusiastic teacher that takes the class seriously, believes in lots of practice, and looks at each student individually. It has been three weeks and I am loving it.


I seem to do a lot of waiting lately, so I've been taking books with me where ever I go (though I think that I'm going to change that habit to taking my sketchbooks instead). I just finished reading the last two books in a trilogy and it was . . . interesting. Brent Weeks wrote the Night Angel trilogy. I'm not going to get too much into it in case anyone would like to read the series because I have to tendency to reveal spoilers.

The first book, The Way of Shadows, was brilliant. I couldn't put the book down from start to finish. It was full of surprises and the story seemed to flow.

The second book, Shadow's Edge, was a good sequel that turned into a fast read as well. It wasn't as good as the first book but I still couldn't put it down.

Now the final book in the series, Beyond the Shadows, was an absolute disappointment. I struggled to get through and only finished it becaused it felt incomplete not finishing the trilogy. The whole story was predictable and it felt like the author just wanted to throw it all together and finish it, not really caring about the novel. The thought that kept coming back to me as I continued to read was, "I can't believe I spent money on this."

If you are looking for a new book to read, The Way of Shadows is a must read! It feels complete and you don't feel like you need to keep reading the next book. If you decide to read Shadow's Edge, be prepared to read the last book because the story ended up feeling incomplete without it.


I still have my other journal books to share! Just need to get moving on taking those pictures. Hoping to get back on track with those soon.


Some of you may know that I like to play MMORPGs. I actually haven't played in about half a year, but just recently I started playing the newly released Champions Online. It's a fun game and I'm enjoying the change of pace from other MMOs that are now starting to bore me. If any of you happen to be playing too, let me know!


Of course, the most important thing to me is spending time with my family. It's about getting out or spending time doing activities together at home. With so many things swirling around in my head, it's good to slow down and just enjoy the little things with the ones I love.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking around! Have a great weekend!

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