Friday, September 18, 2009

Love Pennant

There is a great site called True North Arts that focuses on art journaling prompts. It is celebrating it's one year anniversary and the latest prompt is to make a pennant.

I wanted this to be a symbol of where I am today - wishing, hoping, and appreciating. I ended up writing love as the keyword because I realized it all pointed to loving those special to me and actually taking the time to love myself.

So happy anniversary, True North Arts! And here's to creating and finding ourselves!

Hoping to share more soon! Have a great weekend!


KathrynAntyr said...

This is a gorgeous pennant! I will print it and tuck it into my altered book as a reminder of the love that you share with your art! Many thanks for sharing -- you made my day.

I hope it is okay to post it on the Yahoo! board. It is too pretty not to feature.

{soul hugs}

PS - I love your lettering.

Vee said...

Thank you so much for the comment & compliments, Kathryn! What you said means so much to me and really made my day as well.

Oh, and I have no problem with you posting it to the Yahoo! board. :)


Maria said...

Hi there, just wanted to stop by. Keep up the creative renderings, they are great!! Thanks for sharing.

Maria (from On The Wing.)