Monday, March 7, 2011

TBP: Journal Spilling, Part 4

On a previous post about the Book Project, I showed the background page I made below based off the book Journal Spilling.  This was a resist page of masking fluid with watercolor.

I added more on to the page with watercolor crayons and gel pens, ending up with the journal page below.

This was a simple journal page that started off with the words "letting go" and a heart immediately showing up afterwards.  I drew in the borders and started in on some stream-of-consciousness journaling.  It became a page of learning to let go of the little things and just keep moving.  I quickly colored in the words, heart, and border with watercolor crayons to finish it off. 

You might notice bits of red popping out of the border.  I had actually thrown in different shades of red to liven the border up, but with felt that it brought more attention to the border instead of the words "letting go."  To tone it down a bit, I ended up throwing on a layer of a light brown over the whole border.  The reds still popped through, but no longer seemed to fight the words for attention.

The Book Project is an ongoing project to put my collection of art & craft books to good use by working through them.  You can read more about it here.  I would also love to hear if you are working through your books as well or would like to join me!

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