Monday, February 28, 2011

TBP: Journal Spilling, Part 3

Last week for the Book Project, I showed some background pages that I created using some of the resists mentioned in Journal Spilling.  This week I would like to share what became of some of them.

The one below was a white gel pen resist with watercolor.

I turned the above background into the journal page below.  A self-portrait done on a lined sheet of paper that was a stream-of-consciousness about myself and my critic.  It was glued on top and then more color was added to both the background and self-portrait to bring it all together.

The background page below was a gel pen and salt resist with watercolor.

I turned that background into the journal page below.  I added more lines and posted a picture of a favorite character of mine, Yomiko Readman a.k.a. "The Paper" from Read or Die.  I proceeded to write about my critic a little more.  I finished it off with stamping "the critic" along the top and highlighting those letters with white gel pen.

My favorite project so far was making the self-portrait page.  I was really resistant to cutting into the page that I wrote, but I'm glad I went along with it.  I also liked that it was my own drawing.  I do like collage, but I feel my journal pages are lot more personal when I include images that I made (photos or drawings).

The only the thing I might change/do is maybe add more text to the background of the self-portrait.  I know it's not supposed to be about looks in my journal, but something about the page makes me feel like it is unbalanced.  I'll let you know if I choose to do something more to it!


dthaase said...

great post - really cool work

nanke's stuff said...

I like these journal pages very much, and it's always so interesting to see the process others use in their creations.

Vee said...

Thank you so much dthaase & Nancy!