Monday, February 21, 2011

TBP: Journal Spilling, Part 2

This time around for Journal Spilling on the Book Project, I decided to focus on playing around with watercolor in my journal using different resists that were recommended in the book.  Nothing spectacular, but easy to do and a good starting point.

Masking fluid & alcohol resists

Mix of different watercolors on a wet page

Gel pen resists
I actually had to go back over it with watercolor to darken the page a little more and add more white gel pen for more contrast.

Gel pen and salt resists
I used table salt on this, next time I'll try a different kind because I thought that the granules were too small and uniform in size.

Colored pencil resists
I was supposed to use to use crayon but colored pencil was what I had close by.  It didn't pop very well, so next time I'll try crayon.

I plan on giving these another try whenever I start up a new journal (hopefully with pages that can handle watercolor better).  I think watercolor paper would have made a big difference on the outcomes and would not have frustrated me as much as the paper in my current journal.

Next week I'll share an art journal page that I created using one of these background pages.  Thanks for looking!


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Great ideas, it is fun to experiment. I usually find the things that sound the simplist...aren't!

Gayle said...

Great journal page starts! I love painting in watercolor and I too had a hard time painting in some journals. I ended up making my own journal using watercolor paper that I loved working with when I painted bigger paintings. I just cut pages to size, made a cover with mat board and took them to Kinkos and had them spiral bound. I was able to make several in all my favorite sizes, even ones that would fit in my purse. Now I have no excuse for not being productive creatively!

Kat Sloma said...

Ahhhh, salt is one of my favorite watercolor techniques. White crayon works really well for resist too, you will have to try it. Fun to see what you've done - stopping by from CED!

Louise said...

Good to see your experiments. I really like the colours on your 2nd page.

Vee said...

Thank you everyone for all of the kind comments!

Gayle: Thank you for the tips! I do occasionally make my own journals using watercolor paper and binding it with a bind-it-all. I keep hoping that there is a journal store bought that fits my needs though. I have one or two more journals I would eventually like to try. If those don't work out, I'll definitely be going back to making my own.

Kat: I love the look of white resists - I'll definitely give white crayon a try! Thanks for the tip!