Monday, February 14, 2011

TBP: Journal Spilling, Part 1

The next book that I am working on for the Book Project is Journal Spilling.  In order to make this a little more fun for me, I am going to complete this book by taking part in the Journal Spilling workshop that is hosted by Artists of the Round Table.

time to spill
The first exercise for this week is one in loosening up and letting go - just going with your gut and moving along without really thinking about it.

Usually I get so held on up exercises like this; to just randomly pull stuff that calls to me and putting them all together.  As I was ripping pages out of my magazines, I was first afraid to rip them out.  The pictures that I was choosing didn't seem to go together and I was afraid of wasting those pages.  I forced myself to get over it and ripped away.  The more I let myself go, the easier it got - I was able to listen to my gut more.  As I turned over one picture to glue down it down, I saw the checkerboard in the back and knew that I had to use that image instead.  I loved the way that it all worked out and felt that it really expressed where I am right now.

time to play
The second exercise for this week was to play around and learn more about the materials I have to work with.

When I started working in this journal I didn't like that way that it handled watercolors and gave in to not using watercolors in it whole-heartedly.  In this exercise I decided to break out the watercolors again and play no matter the outcome.  I found out that the paper could actually do more than I expected if I added a lot of water in the beginning and had more water in my brushes.  That was the most fun I've had using watercolors in this journal.  I didn't like that I had to add so much water, which in turn took the paper forever to dry and gave the back of the paper a weird, mottled look.  But that's another story, I'll talk more about this journal when I'm finished playing around in it.

Good times so far, more to come when I receive (and complete) the next workshop assignment!

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