Monday, November 15, 2010

AEDM #s 10, 11, & 14

Yes I did say 10, 11, & 14.  Friday and Saturday were days of getting stuff done and spending quality time with family - so no guilt tripping myself over missing a couple days.  I'm loving that I'm taking more time for my art and have no problem missing a day or two so far.

My husband came home earlier last week with roses for my daughter and me.  Whenever he comes home with flowers for me, he always takes one from the bouquet and gives it to my daughter.  That special flower ends up in a little vase of it's own.  I knew right away I wanted to draw or paint those roses.  Since my daughter LOVES when I draw something that belongs to her, I chose to concentrate on her rose for Wednesday and Thursday.

Sunday was a day of relaxing with the family, so I was able to take some time and doodle when I had a few minutes throughout the day.  After things settled down and the kids were in bed, I ended up throwing some color on with watercolors.

That's it for now, thanks for looking!


Emma said...

I especially like your doodle!

Missy said...

Awww, your husband sounds so sweet, lovely roses, really like the second one.

Vee said...

Thanks Emma & Missy!

And yes, Missy, as much as he pretends to be the tough guy, he really is a sweety. hehe