Monday, September 6, 2010

TBP: Drawing Lab, Part 4

Unit 4 of Drawing Lab for the Book Project is a precious one - collaborating with children. Some of the labs can easily be done by yourself, but all are well worth doing with children (even a lot of the labs that are not in this unit).

Below are my favorites that I have done so far.

The picture above was done with my daughter. She painted me and then I drew her in. The picture below is the same thing done with my son.  We all a blast and the kids loved the attention!

Check back weekly for my latest update on the Book Project.  Thanks for looking!

19/52 (36%) from Drawing Lab completed.


Rebag said...

so precious! What a great idea!

crystal said...

I love this idea! I wish I could have done that with my daughter but she is 15 now. Hey, maybe I still could:)

Vee said...

Thanks Rebag & Crystal!

Crystal, I think this would be a great activity to do with your kids no matter the age. In fact, I think it would be great to do with anyone else like a friend or sibling.

Sloane's Creations said...

What a great idea! Good job!

Jeanette said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm definitely using this during one of our homeschool art classes. Although I'm much more of a photographer than "draw-er" (can that be a word?). My kid's sides may look better than mine. Thank you for sharing.

EVA said...

Wonderful job all of you!!!

Beautiful personal pieces to treasure!

Vee said...

Thanks everyone!

Jeanette, I think not being a "draw-er" would make it an even more interesting piece! Would love to see how yours turns out.