Monday, January 12, 2009

Work In Progress

Things are finally starting to return to some semblance of a routine. C has been back to school since last week and my husband is back to work after a 3-week vacation. Everything before today has been just spontaneous activities. So fitting in some creativity time for myself somehow got pushed aside. I did however get a chance to do some drawing and coloring here and here.

The most important thing was that I did something -- anything -- for me each day. The above is a work in progress that I've slowly been chipping away at since last week. The flower outlines one day, flower details the next, drawing in the leaves on day three, coloring some stuff in on day four, and so on.

I've made it a point to always have my sketchbook and a pouch of pens & markers with me where ever it is I go. That way I can always add one more thing when I have a spare couple of minutes. It has definitely made me feel like I am accomplishing something, rather than waiting for when I have more time. Sure, I seem to have several things that are works in progress and nothing in particular finished but at least it's getting there rather than going nowhere.

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Linda said...

Pretty sketch, Verna. Good idea keeping your sketch book with you for a free moment. It's a lot better than getting nothing done at all.