Friday, April 13, 2012


I'll admit, I've been quiet.  I have been working something out in my head and wasn't sure how to share it.  Have you ever been in a spot where you are not sure that you are going in the right direction?

Shattered #1-4. Inktense pencils on watercolor paper.

I know that I love to create things, take things and make them into something else.  I know that I love to draw with pens, paint with watercolors, and play with paper.  Somehow, it doesn't feel like it's enough.  I know that I'm missing something.  But what is it?

I've spent days making the four images above.  First something slightly penned into my sketchbook.  Then I decided to try penciling it on watercolor paper.  Playing around with shapes, measurements, and pattern (choosing my four favorite colors each time to not let color get in the way of my thought process).

I LOVED the whole process of constantly working it out in my head and thinking of the potentials of what I could do with.  In fact, I still have a couple more ideas up my sleeve with this one.

BMO. Knit and then finished with embroidered felt.

My husband's birthday has come and gone during this whole thought process.  As a fan of the cartoon Adventure Time, I decided to make softies of his two favorite characters.

Since I couldn't find patterns for either, both were made from patterns that I had to think through.  I was in heaven through the design process, had a blast with the sewing machine (though slightly frustrated from not knowing what I was doing), and fell into a feeling of calmness as I embroidered the designs on (it was my first time ever embroidering anything).  I can't say all of it was great - my kids had to check on me many times as I put down my knitting needles from time to time to scream.  Yes, I've come to the point that I really don't like to knit.  But the feeling of accomplishment was awesome (especially since they were both completed in a total of three days)!

Lumpy Space Princess. Felt with embroidered finish.

When all these projects were said and done, it left me feeling defeated - shattered.  I want to focus, I love to focus - but I have no idea what to focus on.  Which direction do I want to go?  What do I want to work on next?

Have you felt this way before or are going through it now?  How did you get past it or what are you doing to work through it?

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