Monday, September 26, 2011

Lotus Blossoms

I love lotus blossoms.  When I see them, I feel at peace.  Combine them with me creating something and I am drifting off into my own little world.

Lately, I've been wanting get out of my comfort zone and try working with watercolor layers and blending multiple colors.  For the image above, I had first mixed in a couple of colors, wet-on-wet, and then set it aside to figure out where I wanted to go from there.

After a stroll in the park, I was inspired by some lotus blossoms that I had seen.  I decided to draw one in and add in another layer of watercolor to bring the lotus blossom out more.  It still felt like something was missing, so eventually I drew in the bands to bring it all together.  I say that like it was an easy thing to do!  I liked how well the lotus blossom turned out, that I freaked out at the thought of adding the bands behind it.  I was afraid that it would make the piece look worse and my time wasted.  I'm glad I went with it, but that inner struggle was a big one!  Definitely a push out of my comfort zone - I hope that I can keep on pushing.

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