Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Index-Card-A-Day {ICAD} Finale

The end of this month marks the end of Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-A-Day challenge.  I chose to personally end the challenge at the end of July.  Below are the last four cards I worked on.

the start
When I first started this challenge, it started out difficult because I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do on the cards.  Each day got a little easier as I started to just go with it.  Pretty soon I was just going with the flow and enjoying each day.  Whenever I would hit a bump, I would ask my kids for an idea or reach for my favorite book, Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim, for inspiration.  I felt like I was on a creative high working on something different. 

towards the end
As I was getting closer to the end of the challenge it was starting to feel increasingly difficult to get started on each card.  At lot of these drawings would unintentionally take hours to complete - not straight through, just a few minutes here and there between other things that needed taking care of.  Although I could have made them more simple, it just feel didn't right as I was creating them to not put my all into it.  The problem with that was that it didn't really leave me time to work on other creative projects.  So as I daydreamed about working on other things, I started to resent the challenge taking so much time.  I was also starting to feel like I was running out of ideas.  Honestly, I just needed a change.  This was a three month challenge and two months was already too long for me.

This was an excellent challenge that got my creative juices flowing by getting me thinking and working differently.  Unfortunately, this challenge was way too long for me and left me feeling drained in the end - relieved to finally call it off for myself at the end of July.  I've decided that this is something I would like to challenge myself to do once or twice a year for about a month.  I will share on this blog when I decide to take up the challenge again.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me through this challenge!  I really appreciate all of the kind comments!


Dianne said...

your last 4 cards are outstanding! my favorite is the girl's face, but really like the contour line backgrounds too. ...and, you can always do an index card now and then, just for fun, even tho the challenge is over! have a sunny day!

Vee said...

Thanks, Dianne! And I think that's a great idea to just do them for fun every now and then! I may just do that. :)