Monday, June 27, 2011

Index-Card-A-Day {ICAD} #22 - 25

More index cards!  I'm finding myself stumped at times, trying to figure out what to draw next.  But I love that I'm pushing myself to just draw no matter what.  My kids seem to be able to just go with it though!

Unless otherwise mentioned in each picture, the top one was done by me, the middle was done by my daughter (6), the bottom was done by my son (8).

Day 22 (Thurs. - June 23)

Day 23 (Fri. - June 24) - We were out all day and the kids were exhausted by the time we made it home.  I was tired as well and ended up doing this in the dark, with only the TV on in the background for light.  I was completely surprised when I saw it in the morning, not at all what I remember it looking like the night before.

Day 24 (Sat. - June 25)

Day 25 (Sun. - June 26) - My son's card somehow disappeared!  So just mine and my daughters to show for this day.

June's set of index cards are soon coming to a close!  Two more months to go!


Dianne said...

some budding artists you have there...and your sea creatures and water lily are cute! yes, making time to do it every day is fun so far...wonder how I'll feel about it at the end of August? great work!

Amber L. said...

I love your lily pad card. It's awesome that you have your kids making them too.

Vee said...

Thanks Dianne & Amber!

Dianne - Haha! I was thinking the exact same thing. I hope I'm still loving it when summer is over.