Friday, June 11, 2010

Teacher's Gifts

Now that the school year is over, I can finally share what I made as part of the kids' presents to their teachers.

For my daughter's teacher, I made an "L" card to represent her last name. My daughter chose the color of the card while I doodled the rest and cleaned it up in photoshop.

The same was done for my son's teacher, except that it was a "K" for her last name.

Sadly, my son's teacher is moving states right after school is done. So as part of a group gift from several parents I made a set of sun cards to reminder her of our sunny city. It's really small, but within the swirl of the sun her first name is written over and over again. This was also started as a doodle with pen and paper and then finished in photoshop.

I'm hoping they liked it as much as I loved making them. Additional little goodies were added as gifts, but I always love including something handmade.

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Vee said...

Linda said, "I love your cards! The sun one is very cool! I made simple note cards for the teachers for teacher appreciation week. I hope your summer vacation is going well so far. We get out this Friday (we had all those snow days to make up) and I can't wait"

Thanks, Linda! (Sorry I accidently deleted your comment). I am having a good summer so far, I was definitely counting the days for summer to start for the kids. Now I'm counting the days of how long my sanity will last. hehe :)