Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last week I was determined to get some creative time in, but I was having a hard time making that happen. One day I decided to just sit at my desk and just go with it. I'm not exactly the go with it person when it comes to creating; usually I have at least some kind of idea of what I want to make.

Pushing stuff around, I found some rub-on flower shaped adhesive things that came with glitter. My little box of barely used watercolor crayons were staring up at me as well. Why not? I grabbed my sketchbook, laid on some green crayon all over the page, and wiped it with a wet paper towel. Added in a dash of other colors here and there, rubbed on a flower, and threw in some glitter. The page was still feeling empty, so I grabbed my closest pen and drew around the rub-on flower and adding in a stem and leaves.

Then I was stumped. So I turned around and watched some TV that was playing in the background. A very random conversation came up on the TV show about frogs and I shouted, "Yes! Frogs!" So a frog was drawn in, more watercolor crayons used up, and ta-da . . . a rarely done piece of work done randomly!


little sheep said...

i'm starting to love random work never know what will come out!

Vee said...

I agree, little sheep! I hoping to fit in more randomness. :)