Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving Along

There goes that time flying away again! Half of the year is gone and I feel more excited about resolutions and changes than I did during the start of the new year.

I have so much to share and can't wait to get around to it. I have been busy working on my Wreck This Journal project; drawing; art journaling; playing around with some prototypes of ideas that are floating around in my head; taking spontaneous vacations and road trips; hanging out with friends and family; and PACKING.

Yes, the packing has begun. In a couple of weeks, the family and I will be moving into a new place. We're getting ready for some new adventures and hoping to dispose of old habits along the way.

Unfortunately, that means having to go on a blog hiatus. So please check back from time to time, I may surprise you with a post here and there! If the packing, moving, and unpacking goes well . . . I should be back by the 27th (maybe the week after at the latest).

When I return I should have more to share on art journaling, journal wrecking, card making, paper crafting, or maybe something on being another year older.

Here is to goals, changes, resolutions, surprises, and freedom. Enjoy this wonderful month and see you all soon! And to those in the USA, have a happy Independence Day!

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Linda said...

I like what you are doing with your journal. Good luck with the move.